February 23, 2022

Mark Safety Test

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Mark Solano, CHST.

Laborers Training School Safety Officer

I’ve been a proud Laborer Union member since June 15, 1989.  By showing up to work every day and learning the Heavy Highway trade, I worked my way up to becoming a Laborer Foreman in May 1995.

In 2008, I was employed by the Laborers Training School as the San Diego Region Apprenticeship Coordinator.  Having Apprentices on my jobsites when I was a Laborer Foreman, I could see the struggles and difficulties that they were going thru while in the Apprenticeship.  Now, this allows me to help them navigate thru their work and training for them to succeed.

"Welcome to the Laborers Training School website, here you’ll navigate and choose your Apprenticeship Program.  You’ll join our team, get trained and start you career!"