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The Laborers Training School is proud of the relationships that we have with our contractors as we continue to Build Our Future.

We are working side by side with our contractors to raise industry standards, promote quality and protect your bottom line.

With training that meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards, we help make work safer, reduce accident rates, control workers’ compensation costs, and save lives.

The Laborers Training School is committed to providing the best trained, highest skilled, hardest working people in the industry to our partners.


The Laborers Training School provides assistance for our contractors.
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For any other questions, please contact us at the Laborers Training School.

Phone: (626) 610-1700
Fax: (626) 633-0204
Toll Free: 1 (877) 445-2094

DIR Website
- The Department of Industrial Relations and the DAS (Division of Apprenticeship Standards). Has information for public works requirements, the DAS 140/142, apprentice ratios and information, apprenticeship program information and state certifications.
Request to Indenture Form
- Contractors signatory to the Master Labor Agreement may upon request sponsor an apprentice by completing the Request to Indenture form and a sponsorship letter on company letterhead. This form and your letter will be submitted to the Local Union for review. Upon approval the applicant apprentice will be scheduled to attend the next available Mandatory Orientation.

See below for how to Request to Indenture an Experienced Journey Person
Appendix A for Construction Craft Laborers (CCL)
- Download Appendix A information for contractors (CCL)
Appendix A for Laborers Cement Masons (LCM)
- Download Appendix A information for contractors (LCM)
Appendix A for Landscape Irrigation Fitters (LIF)
- Download Appendix A information for contractors (LIF)
Appendix A for Brick Tenders (BT)
- Download Appendix A information for contractors (BT)
DFEH Sexual Harassment Prevention Online Training Course
- The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) Sexual Harrassment Prevention Online Training Course
Find State Certification for Apprentice
- Find an apprentices certification for public works (DIR Website)
Request Federal Certification for Apprentice
- You MUST e-mail the Laborers Training School at to receive Federal Certification.

Email must include:
- Apprentice Name
- Last 4 Digits of Apprentice's Social Security Number
- Company name
- Company Address

You will receive your request in between 24-48 hours after submittal.


If you are working on a state funded construction project, you will most likely need to employ apprentices!

When you are awarded a public works contract, there will be a few requirements, two of the most common are:

1. Notifying apprenticeship committees that you have been awarded work (with a signed DAS140 form)

2. Requesting the dispatch of apprentices at the appropriate time (with a signed DAS142 form)

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) provides assistance to contractors who need to employ apprentices on public works projects and may grant exemptions to the requirement to hire apprentices.

To find out more information about Public Works Apprenticeship Requirements and Contractor Responsibilities please go to:

DAS 140/DAS 142

How to submit your DAS 140 online!

If you are a 'Signatory Contractor' you can use our Website to submit your DAS 140.

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For all other submittals, please follow these steps!

Step 1:

Download the DAS 140 Template here:

DAS 140 Form

Step 2:

Fill out the DAS140 form completely, incomplete forms MUST be resubmitted.

For a sample of a completed form, please click here:

Sample DAS 140 Form

Step 3:

Submit your DAS 140 to us:
(626) 633-0204
1385 W. Sierra Madre Avenue
Azusa CA 91702

How to Submit your DAS 142

Step 1:

Download the DAS 142 Template here:

DAS 142 Form

Step 2:

Fill out the DAS142 form completely, incomplete forms MUST be resubmitted.

For a sample of a completed form, please click here:

Sample DAS 142 Form

Step 3:

Submit your DAS 142 to us:
(626) 633-0204
1385 W. Sierra Madre Avenue
Azusa CA 91702


California now has 20 different statutes that authorize a public entity to require a contractor to use a skilled and trained workforce to complete a contract or project, and require that the commitment to use a skilled and trained workforce be made in an enforceable agreement.

To help meet the skilled and trained workforce requirements, Union and Management members of the Laborers Joint Apprenticeship Committee have established a procedure where Employers can sponsor Journeypersons into the Laborers Apprenticeship Program. Under this procedure, Journey persons who are registered as Apprentices with the Laborers Apprenticeship Program will be given credit for past experience and training and may be able to graduate from the program in six months! The Journeyperson will also be required to complete OSHA 30 and First Aid/CPR through the Laborers Training School, safety comes first!

The Laborers Apprenticeship Program will provide the contractors with the required forms (enrollment application, State Indenturement Form and Federal Indenturement Form) to request enrollment of its Journeypersons in the Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program regional staff, Apprenticeship Coordinators and/or Local Union will be in communication with contractors regarding required paperwork, review/ approvals and course scheduling.

Note: To submit hours to be reviewed and to be indentured, the sponsored worker must have over 4,000 hours of construction experience.

Request to Indenture Experienced Journeyperson Form:

Contractors signatory to the Master Labor Agreement may request/sponsor an experienced Journeyperson, with a minimum of 4,000 hours reported to the Trust Fund, by completing this Request to Indenture form. Shortly after you submit your request, you will be contacted to complete the indenturing process.

Request to Indenture Experienced Journeyperson Form


At The Laborers Training School, we have three (3) programs to which you can apply.

To find out more about each craft's information and requirements, please click below:

Schedule a Class

Hello, my name is Abraham Guerrero,

As the lead Scheduler for the Laborers Training School, I schedule the classes at our Azusa campus and at all our remote sites.  

I can guide you through the process of scheduling the necessary training  required by numerous projects and to keep your employees safe.  

If you are a signatory contractor that would like to request a class, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as I am available.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you my have, I will be happy to assist you.

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