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General Information

If you are signed up for a class already, go to:

If you are already an apprentice at the Laborers Training School and are interested in Online Training, fill out our online training survey will let your coordinator that you are interested in taking classes through LTS Online.

Online Training Survey

Online Training Requirements

Before you take our online classes with us, there's a few things that you need!

  • Be an Apprentice at the Laborers Training School
    Go to application page to apply today!
  • A Laptop or Desktop Computer with a supported browser
    Chrome 95 and 96
    Firefox 94 and 95 Edge 94 and 95
    Safari 14 and 15 (Macintosh only)
    *Chromebooks are acceptable and will work
    **Phone and Tablets are NOT acceptable at this time.
  • An Internet Connection
    We recommend a wired broadband internet connection but you can use wireless/hotspot* internet (4G or 5G)
    *Must be able to hold consistent internet connection
  • Speakers and a Microphone
    Built-in, wired/wireless headphones with a mic, or USB audio are all acceptable.
  • A Webcam
    Built-in or USB plug-in cameras are all acceptable
  • A Clear Desk Space
  • A room where you can be alone, free from distractions (the best you can)

    If you meet these minimum requirements, e-mail your coordinator or fill out our Online Training Survey and you will receive an e-mail from Canvas/Instructure (our learning management system) with registration information for your class (may take up to 72 hours before your class). You will then have access to your registered classes and student orientation for Canvas and Zoom, as well as instructions on how to complete your instructor-led online training course.

Online Training Survey


Links and Downloads/Applications for Online Training