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Palmyrita Training Site


1607 Palmyrita Ave.
Riverside, CA 92507

Local 1184 Information:


Main Office:
1128 E La Cadena Dr. Riverside, CA. 92507


Main Office:
Phone: (951) 684-1484

meet your coordinator

Curtis George

Local 1184 Coordinator
Graduate of the Laborers Training School

I started my journey with the Laborers Training School in Late 2015. I had multiple jobs but through the long days and short nights, I acquired many skills which helped me become well trained and that opened many doors for my future.  I became a lead running multiple jobs and a year later I made the transition to become a Undergound Utility Location and in less than a year after that, I became a lead in this field as well.

In 2019 I was offered a job with the Laborers Training School as a coordinator, which made me the first Graduate from Local 1184 to acquire this position.  This is a blessing to me and my family, and now I am able to pay it forward and help many get the necessary skills and training to have a wonderful and prosperous career in the Laborers Construction Industry!

"I encourage you to continue to take courses to get you more SKILLED & TRAINED so YOU can be that Foreman, Lead, Superintendent and even owner of your own construction company one day!"